Why Do People See A Chiropractor?


Relief Care

Our goal is to provide individualised, safe and gentle care to help eliminate or reduce the majority of your discomfort and get you back feeling great again.  In order to stabilise your initial complaint and have effective results, visits are often more frequent and care can last for 4-8 weeks to allow time for your body to fully heal.  


Corrective Care

Once your initial complaint has resolved, corrective care can be undertaken to correct any underlying spinal problems that may have built up over time.  Often these imbalances may have lead to your initial complaint in the first place.  Safe corrective care can allow your body to function at a higher level, allowing you be stronger, move with more freedom and have more confidence in your body.  


Wellness Care

The majority of clients at Day Chiropractic choose gentle wellness care for themselves and their families. Maintaining a properly functioning spine and nervous system may catch small problems before they become serious and allow you to be your best. Visits are less frequent, normally every four to six weeks.